Could Steve Carter Help Bridge The Gap For Black Wealth In America?

Steve Carter

Could Steve Carter Help Bridge The Gap For Black Wealth In America?

Steve Carter is not only a husband, father, son, and brother to a loving family, but also a renowned speaker, top sales trainer, and a successful businessman. He describes himself as a FAMILY MAN, LEADER, AND WINNER!

Tell us about your business.

The name of my company is VIP International, Inc. I created my company with the sole intent to invest in and build businesses that create passive residual income while helping others to do the same. The primary business models I’ve aligned my company with are within the fields of Marketing and Sales, as well as investments that yield passive returns.

What motivated you to do this type of work?

I’ve always been interested in business models that allow me to capitalize on the power of leveraged efforts and leveraged expertise. I understood in the earlier part of my business career I didn’t want to be the only person responsible for generating the kind of income I wanted to generate. I knew that exchanging hours for dollars would NEVER allow me to generate the lifestyle I knew I wanted to live. This is why Network Marketing has always been one of the business models I’ve always chosen to be involved in.

What are 3 marketing tips for success in sales and marketing?

1. Always be sincere.

2. Cater to the right market/audience.

3. Show value for others.

What is your best advice for those who say, “Entrepreneurship is too hard”?

My advice to those that feel entrepreneurship is too hard is to first have the right perspective and expectation. Nothing worth having is easy to attain. However, when you compare working a traditional job to entrepreneurship, my question would be, “Which one is really harder when it comes to the potential outcome?” I believe that when a person realizes that there is no upside limitation to entrepreneurship, then the perspective of working hard enough to create a passive residual income is not that difficult. The difference is that I believe a person that is passionate about what he or she does, and really believes that the outcome will be exactly what he or she wants, doesn’t feel like the hard work isn’t worth it. However, for the person that works a traditional job for DECADES, knowing the outcome can pretty much be predicted, and that prediction is not exciting…that’s much harder to do, in my opinion… But I believe that most people don’t really want to be honest with themselves about their fate….because the truth is… We are all directly and indirectly instrumental in what our fate becomes.

Would you say this is a good or bad time for entrepreneurs to level up their businesses, and why

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Nowadays there are so many opportunities to build a business right from your smartphone and/or computer. The recent pandemic has shed a light on the reality that a person that doesn’t have a “plan b” or a way to make money with his or her technology, is in much more trouble than the person that has found a way to make money from their home and/or phone.

What are some of the mistakes people make in marketing their businesses?

One of the main mistakes I see in marketing is the fact that the person marketing tends to focus on their own gain, versus the gain for the audience and/or target market. People may admire someone else’s success, but deep down that’s not really exciting to a person if they can’t do the same…or learn how to do the same… I think if more people are willing to share their expertise, they will attract more people.

Do you offer opportunities for someone to work directly with you?

The nature of the Network Marketing aspect of my business always offers an opportunity for anyone to work directly with me. And I always feel honored to share my knowledge with anyone wanting to learn how to become successful in this particular industry. I would love to help anyone reading this article if they want to learn.

In the wake of the police brutality protests and riots stemming from the murder of George Floyd, how are your feeling, are you ok?

I’m feeling like the majority of people around the world…Fed up, and so sick and tired of the systemic racism and abuse of power. I have ZERO patience and tolerance for mistreatment, and inequality…but, in my opinion, something special is happening around the world..there seems to be an awakening to the reality of the injustices that take place to people of color all around the world. And there seems to be a unified feeling of the need for it to stop RIGHT NOW…not later…but RIGHT NOW!

What’s next for Steve Carter?

Not only will I continue to do the best I can to be a blessing to my family and others…I plan to continue to learn more ways I can be a positive impact on people, and their well being. At my age today, I’m far more conscious of how I can help others while continuing to work on becoming the best version of myself.

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