How Entrepreneurs Benefit From More Sleep

As a busy mom and full-time kick-ass entrepreneur, I used to put sleep on the backburner. This is common, in part because of the overcrowded schedules that most of us have. It is important to give yourself the occasional reality check that you are human, and sleep deprivation will have negative effects on you in the long run.

Here are some benefits of getting the sleep you need, so that you might be motivated to turn in a little early and make sure that you are getting proper and efficient rest.

1) Did you know that getting rest helps heart health?

Studies show that one of the most constant effects of sleep deprivation is heart problems. This is thought to be caused by the worsening of cholesterol and blood pressure. This also may explain why heart attack and stroke usually occur in the early morning hours. Getting enough sleep will prevent these adverse effects and keep you healthier for longer!

2) Did you know that good sleep helps relieve stress?

You have probably noticed that you are more stressed out when you are tired, but it turns out there is more to it than that. Sleep deprivation actually puts your body in a state of stress. One way this manifests itself is through high blood pressure, which can have other negative implications as well. Also, your body will increase the production of stress hormones. As well as ruining your day, these hormones can keep you awake at night, making the problem even worse. To prevent this vicious cycle, try your best to get eight hours of sleep every night. Your mood will benefit greatly, helping everyone around you as well as yourself.

3) Did you know that good rest helps with mental focus and brain health?

Have you ever found yourself walking into a room and not remembering why? Well, I sure have. You see, I used to take pride in being a night owl and burning the midnight oil. It was a part of my #bossbabe brand. My forgetfulness became a running joke between my family and friends.

My life changed when my best friend recommended that I read a book called “Why Isn’t My Brain Working.” At first, I was taken aback by the title. I thought to myself, “my brain is working, I just forget a few things here and there.”

She mailed the book to me and made me promise to read it. I immediately started to implement what I learned, and I was shocked by how quickly my memory kicked in. I had forgotten what it felt like to remember things.

With the help of an amazingly clean and all-natural sleep supplement, and an app that tracks my sleep, I am now making up for over a decade of unhealthy sleep habits.

Here is the sleep product that I use -

Here is the app that I use - Headspace Meditation & Sleep