Tips To Business and Balance

I hear it all the time when I travel the globe speaking to rooms packed with aspiring entrepreneurs. It goes a little something like this... "How do I do this with kids and a family?', or "Do you ever feel guilty taking time away from your kids?" or my favorite one, "How do you build a business and raise 4 kids?".

I love it when women ask me these questions because it allows me to help them on their quest for solutions. Here are a few tips to BUILDING A BUSINESS AND BALANCING YOUR LIFE!

TIP 1. Don't allow friends and family members to make you feel guilty building your dreams. Think about it, millions of women work an 8 hour job. They go to work everyday to make a living and to create a better life for their families. Why is it that people will support you taking 8 hours out to build someone else's dreams, but make you feel guilty about taking 2 hours a day to build your own part-time business?

TIP 2. Organize it once! Get your house in order and teach your family how to KEEP it that way. We created a TEAM environment early on. Everyone, no matter how young or old gets to play on the team. My philosophy is if you're old enough to mess it up, you're old enough to help clean it up.

TIP 3. Have THE FAMILY SIT DOWN. If you want your family to support your dream, they need to understand it. Tell them what your goals are and how the goals will help the entire family. BE HONEST and let them know that it's hard work and time-consuming. If you let them know upfront, they will understand and end up being your biggest supporters.

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